First State Bank Mortgage

Chris Laughlin

I enjoy providing people who are interested in either buying or refinancing a home with information so they can decide which loan option best meets their needs. During the 15years that I’ve been in the home finance business I’ve helped almost 2,000 people decide which loan was right for them.

As you’re considering whether to buy a home I can be of assistance by...

  • answering any questions you have about home mortgages (e.g. how much downpayment is required, do you have to sell your current home 1st, etc.),
  • figuring out which mortgage options you qualify for and explaining the difference between them to you (since there’s several different types of loans available),
  • helping you find out if you qualify for a loan (i.e. getting you ‘pre-approved’), and
  • calculating for you what the monthly payments would be on different sized homes

If you do decide to purchase a home, I’d appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.  First State Bank has a wide range of mortgage options, very competitive interest rates, low fees, some mortgage loan options that do not require any downpayment, and my office is located in Kansas City (i.e. I’m ‘local’).

Please call or email me if there’s anything I can do to assist you.

Chris Laughlin

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS #657495